Week 2 of Nashville Sail Camp had the staff excited for great weather and great campers! Our week started off with campers working together with their counselors to create a full value contract—a set of rules all of the group agreed to maintain to keep everyone’s experience safe and fun. This led into some team bonding exercises for the group to get to know each other before learning the basics of sailing. Then everyone headed out for swimming and putting their new knowledge of sailing to the test. The campers were sailing from the first day and spent the afternoon on the water!

Day 2 of sail camp started with some land drills to review what the campers had learned the day before, but they were all out on the water putting their knowledge to the test early in the day! There were some stronger winds that made for good sailing and higher speed. After sailing in their groups—either Optis or Lasers—the campers headed back to shore for some swim time and jumping off the dock!

The campers spent Day 3 of sail camp out on the water sailing all day enjoying the beautiful day. Capture the flag and splash ball tag kept everyone busy having fun. The campers then came back to shore to get their hands dirty with tie dye! Every camper designed their own shirt and put it out to set for the reveal the next day before heading back to the boats for more sailing.

For the last few days of camp we started the morning cheering for counselors as they competed in a sailing race in the high winds. Then the groups rinsed out their tie dye from the day before and got to see their fellow campers’ designs! All of the groups went out sailing and the Opti campers even got the opportunity to go out sailing on a large boat owned by one of the Harbor Island Yacht Club members (and they even got the chance to steer)!

Overall, this week was full of games, art, fun, friends, swimming, and sailing and the staff could not be more excited for the rest of the summer. Thanks to all of our campers for another great week!


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